Integrated Fabrication and Machine Inc. had its beginnings in 1979 when JEB Fabricating was started.  In 1981 JEB moved its operations to 295 E. High Street in Sharpsville, PA.  During the 1980’s the business expanded to over a million dollars in sales and 12 employees.  In early 2000, Brent Ward and his wife, Diane, purchased the assets of JEB Fabricating to start Integrated.

Integrated is a Precision Fabricator that has evolved from a simple basic fabricating company to a full process manufacturing organization.  State-of-the-art CNC machining, fabricating and finishing processes were added throughout its development.  Since its founding, Integrated has continued to build an excellent reputation for producing high-quality, reliable, competitively priced fabrications for various segments of the Capital Goods Market.

Integrated has strategically expanded their customer base and enhanced their relationships with key customers in the Electrical Distribution Market. Integrated has evolved and has differentiated itself from typical fabricating or machine shops. Integrated has developed a vast amount of experience in producing machined fabrications out of specialty materials like Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminum and Titanium.